Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the Job: Day 34, 7-29

Pretty uneventful day. Got a second coat of the huge blue chunk up on seven that I had started yesterday. Micah and I are touching up our box again (the one with the hole after hole after hole) and that seems to be chugging along still.... Uh..... That's all really. I took tomorrow off to go home and celebrate my mom's birthday in St. Louis so I won't be documenting day 35 tomorrow, but I asked Lance to take some photos though so the day still gets documented. Our NPR story aired this morning- did anyone catch it? I'll post the link tomorrow when I find it. I think it's exciting that after our first radio interview aired we got our first votes for "read about the blog or heard about it on the net." Sweet- keep telling your friends about us and don't forget to check out the links to the other blogs our kids work on! Cheers. 

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