Monday, July 26, 2010

On the Job: Day 31, 7-26

The peeling paint issue that had arisen in the box Micah and I have still been working on seems to have been averted for the time being (knock-on-wood for you suspicious types). We are hoping to finish the box up tomorrow which may or may not happen, it will be a close call. I managed to make it to floor 8 today to take pictures of the glass (photos below of course), as well as a few other random things.

Tomorrow (being Tuesday) morning you should tune into NPR (89.3 for those of you in KC) and check out the story they interviewed us for. They're playing the story at 5:30a, 730a, and 930a. Wednesday the story will be up on their website (in the archives). I'll post a tangible link Wednesday when I find it.

Sheesh- I used a lot of parentheses today. (Hoo. Yeah. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing. (Not true, but you get my point)). Uhm..... guess that's really all I know for today.

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