Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On the Job: Day 28, 7-20

Micah and I started in our  new box today. We got some "It's a Boy! Blue" and "this is what key lime pie should look like" on the walls. As I was taking the tape down around the it's a boy, we had some major peeling issues yet again. Dan came and did some patch work, it's going to be a slow recovery for that spot. Hopefully that's our only rough spot on that wall though. Really, really- hopefully lol. I realized just wrote an entire narrative about our box and then had a random picture of Luke thrown into the mix down at the bottom there haha.... Oh well. While driving to the Kauffman Center this morning I was behind a guy in a pickup truck. Most men that have pickups can be spotted transporting a dog in the bed. This guy had two geese. Don't know what was up with that really. Made my day a bit happy.

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