Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the Job: Day 43, 8-12


More of the dance floor is down. We could see floor to ceiling on both sides of the stage today. It was incredible. Of course, you can't take a very good picture just yet since most of the scaffolding is still in place, but boy is it cool to see in person.

Dan made the executive decision today that we will not be putting a sealant on the boxes. Sealants have a few risks (such as becoming cloudy over dark spaces, coloring over time, and trapping unwanted moisture) that outweigh the benefits at this point in the mural's life. That being said- We are literally days away from completion. Under Dan's estimation, we will be done this coming Wednesday at the earliest and a tentative Thursday at the latest. LESS THAN ONE WEEK!

The Doom Box was finished today, not a touch up left to be found.... except for that one little corner that I have been instructed to forget about hahaha. Micah and I did our happy dances- see our excited faces?

Colors in the Doom Box include:
A Purple You Can Believe In ("This one must have been named by a care bear)
Muddy Reincarnation
This is What Key Lime Pie Should Look Like
Lazy Leotard Left Limply
It's a Gurl pink
It's a Boy blue
Dusty Dillinger
Abby's Little Orange (no, I did not name it)
Intergalactic Green
... and some ugly yellow color that I don't want to talk about anymore (haha!)

Jobs are super hard to come by. I'm going to work with Micah again tomorrow- softly scrubbing boxes until they're dust-free. Next week, people involved with the process book will probably not be working in the auditorium, but rather, we will meet and further our progress with the Process Book we've been minimally neglecting lately. I'll take pictures when the whole thing is done, and hopefully we'll be allowed in later to see it once all the scaffolding is completely down from the center of the room.


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