Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the Job: Day 44, 8-13

I gave Blake control of my camera for a little while and the boy went nuts. I had to upload 130 photos to my computer earlier. One very good thing came form this though- He took some beautiful shots that really made me take a new look around the building and realize how gorgeous it really is all over again. For that, I thank him.

They had almost all of the scaffolding down in the center of the room by the time I left today.

My parents came in for a tour, which was great.

We are wrapping the boxes in plastic after we wipe them down, in order to keep them as dust free as possible.

Two boxes to go.


  1. Those are some great photographs. I've been waiting to see one pulled back so you can see the whole mural.

  2. Nice photos and work. All the scaffold are perfectly done! Keep it up.