Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the Job: Day 38, 8-4

I started working in the box again. How many times have we heard that now? How about "it started peeling again.?" Well...... The dang box starting frickin' peeling again. I took up most of the dark green again and will have to finish scraping and GAC it AGAIN tomorrow. Grumble sigh complain. On a positive note, Jake was drinking a juice box today which totally made my day better.

Seven looks more and more complete every time I venture up there. The glass on the outside is still coming along really nicely.

We're not meeting for the process book this week. Too many people doing too many things.

The dance floor was looking pretty empty today. I guess they're really trying hard to start bringing scaffolding down soon. The place is going to look naked, empty, and HUGE once it all comes down I think. It'll be weird never seeing it around again, or hanging stuff off of it.... weird. I guess I should enjoy it while it's still around.

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