Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tumblr for images

Again I bid you kids hello. I have uploaded the images I took of today's visit to the Kauffman Center site onto TUMBLR. If you do not have a tumblr account, I suggest you get one. Blogspot works for uploading images but it can get tiresome.

To get your own Tumblr account click here.
To view my tumbler, and thereby the images of today, click here.

If you make a tumblr account, feel free to throw the link up above this part of the post or in the comments section so all can see.
ALSO! If it would be easier for you, you can drop the images that you took onto my public folder on the cas (AGallagher) and I'll just add them onto my page. If you do that though please email me so they're not just floating on forever. ( )



  1. hey abby, how do I save the images you have on tummbler to my computer?

  2. oooh.... uh.... Next class just poke me and ask me for them and I'll give you all of them. Did you try to pause the show and then screen grab them? They'd be small janky images but that would work too.