Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The First Crit: The Setup (2-17-10)


  1. Here are the concept groups and who we decided will present them:

    Mikah & Blake / Organic, shapes and lines - Abby
    The Red One / The Red One - Abby
    Lance & Michelle / Digital transparencies - Ron
    Molly & Amanda / Expressionist with pattern - Ron
    Luke & Todd / Children color palette, geometric - Jim
    Jim & Mo / Tentacles, and organic shapes - Mo

  2. I don't think that one person has spelled my name correctly since I've moved here. lol Great photos though!

  3. Hey man, I've got it down. Not only do I HAVE it but I've HAD it thank you very much lol

    Micah MICAH MICAH MICAH micah micah MICAH. Seeee? I can even do it in all caps.