Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Proposals

First round of proposals were on Wednesday February 24, 2010.

Download the PDF of proposals here.

Direction 1

considered: sense of mystery or drama/theatre, painterly with interruption of geometric shapes, radial spiral orientation, intuitive immediate, “fresh”, rich visual texture.

connotations main: dramatic, intuitive, immediate, mysterious, slow read.

connotations sub:
create depth, break up large areas of color.

Direction 2

considered: in its most simplest form the idea conveys the influence and interaction of the motion of sound with the city. The concept of this piece revolves around the forms taking place in the architecture and how they interact with the geometric forms, which relate to the Crossroads district, downtown, and midtown. The piece works to embrace the audience and plays to the symmetrical aspect of the architecture.

connotation main: curvilinear, rhythm, geometric, dancing/music/sound and it’s relationship to shapes, lines based off of Moshe’s concept drawing, influences and interacts.

connotation sub: reference to a city in constant change, transition from midtown to downtown and changes in the architectural forms, each wall section treated as individual composition while still contributing to the whole, creating flow with geometry and transparency.

Direction 3

considered: a sense of merging relating to midtown and downtown, a sense of depth and layering from the transparency, free form and organic flow through the shapes of color, a reference to Kansas City's greenery

connotations: convergence, transparency, saturated color, merging, natural.

Direction 4

considered: instrument strings, overlapping, intersecting, throws attention to the stage, transition to stage, always changes as the audience moves, the colors and lines do too, the stage completes the composition (opens to the stage), mid west landscape, expansion of midtown & downtown.

connotations: connectivity, transition, fluidity, vitality.

Direction 5

considered: the overall concept of these two pieces is the idea of organic line supporting the structure and contrasting visually with the slats.
The lines will enhance the idea of forms flowing through each theater box gently intertwining with the slats to create the effect of movement.
The movement created will comment on the idea or illusion of theatrical souls moving within the drapery of the forms.

connotations main: theatrical sensation, organic, mosaic background, integrated to give intrinsic flavor.
connotations sub: fluidity, lyrical, organic, movement, theatrical, drama.

Direction 6

considered: organic geometry, fractals, dramatic energy motion, repetitive lines create vibration with slats, fluid lyrical lines.

connotations: geometric, repetition, fluid, energetic, harmonious, radial.

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