Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog Banner Competition

Hey kids. I thought it would be fun to open the floor to see if anyone wanted to make a banner for our blog here. Several of you showed interest so I figured anyone that wants to can submit a design and I'll pick my favorite to throw up on the site. You can email files you want to submit to me and I'll post them up here as well so everyone can see your hard work and what my options were. I'd like entries by this coming tuesday (Feb. 9) so I'll judge whatever I have up to that point. Have fun and good luck :D


UPDATE: Banners by Mo, Luke, Micah and Lance. Lance had several banners, the rest can be found here. Congratulations to MICAH for having the winning design. Don't know what the prize is yet, besides having his banner up for the world to see... we'll discuss it later I suppose :)

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