Monday, April 26, 2010

New set of deadlines- set in stone.

Since the workload got heavy, we had to push deadlines back. THIS IS THE NEW SET though, no exceptions. Come on kids. :D

-Personal bios from everyone (clean rough draft) WEDNESDAY the 28 no exceptions- 200-500 words
-ideology for your pieces/process (at least a clean rough draft) MONDAY the 3rd no exceptions 200-500 words
-Decided on personal piece for bio page (work not related to the class) by Monday the 3rd

essay deadline (rough draft) due THURSDAY the 6th 2 page max

BRYAN- 1st round book done for documentation by Wednesday (the 28th)
ABBY- blog essay (by Thursday the 6th)
- email pdf to chris
LANCE- intro-- put pdf of last two rounds (by monday night april 26th)
MICAH- release forms copied for everyone (by wednesday the 28th)
- work with Luke on second round essay (may 6th)
MO- 1st round essay (by Thursday the 6th)
LUKE- Work with Micah on second round essay (by Thursday the 6th)

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