Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deadlines/Process Book Stuff

Photos of Moshe- We need to sign a release?
Site photos, we need permission
Kauffman- can we use their name? release need to get signed? 
Get the book copyrighted?
Moshe/Kauffman Bios- release form signed? do they need to write it/ will the supply it or do we need to write one? Can we get it from their sites?

bio questionnaire by the 19th
images of class stuff by the 26th
1 piece of own work (NOT kauffman related for bio page) by the 26th
summation of own work/process/inspiration for class (1-2 paragraphs) by the 26th

Jobs for people working directly on the book for now:
Everyone- 1 layout proposal (19th)
     - keep collecting images (start editing bad ones out)
     - make another 1st round book for documentation  (26th)
     -email Pam about magazine permissions (19th)
     -email everyone about deadlines (19th)
     -blog essay (26th)
     -start editing bios
     -intro (1st draft 19th, revise 26h)
     -release forms (19th)
     -work with Luke on second round essay (19th)
     -1st round essay (19th)
     -work with Micah on second round essay (19th)

Essay spreads should include
-books presented
-pictures of in class work days
-video transcript (if obtainable) 

Possible Titles for the Book (plus a sub line):
The Collaborative
Documenting a Mural
Behind the Slats
Beyond the Balcony
-keep in mind the cover could be text or image or both, plus we have the back and the spine to utilize 

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